Spiritual Service

Wedding Officiant

Want to get Married?! We want to help you join Love, Respect, Honesty and Honor between two souls who are ready commit to each other. Want more than a Wedding Officiant, how about a Quiet Waters Wedding package? Great News! Our Planning, Catering, DJ, Venue and Wedding Party Dedication team has you Covered! There is no set price point, all Ceremony costs are based per request(s). "Get to know you Both" session Required before we commit to providing/hosting Wedding Ceremonies. 

Quiet Waters Spiritual Wellness

Join Fellow Quiet Waters Families as we discuss Spiritual Values, Beliefs and Practices.  Learn about different levels of Spirituality and Faith: Where you are and where you want to be as an individual, as a family. How Spirituality helps clarify Life, Social Development and your Moral Compass. Starts in September on the 1st Friday at 1830 every month.

Vet Connect: Military Ministry

Join Fellow Military Members, their Families and Dependents to meet and address Military Life before, during and after Active Duty. Connect to share (or not) experiences, family friendly upcoming events, service projects, community resources and clubs, youth programs and volunteer opportunities. Discussions include: Spiritual Resiliency, War Era effects, Understanding Military Culture, Relationships, Life Goals and Values, Suicide Prevention, Integration into civilian life, Mental Health and Jobs/Careers and Hobbies. Starts in September on the 3rd Friday at 1830 every month.

Hosted by US Navy Veteran, AS2 (AW) Kiamesha Guy, Co-Founder of QW-Global Maternal Wellness, 501c3 Veteran Nonprofit Organization and Lt. Col. Kathy Gallowitz Founder of Vanguard Veteran and Author of "Beyond Thank You for Your Service", and Fellow Veteran Community members. 

**All Meetings and Ceremonies are Nondenominational. Any specific Traditions or Religious practices needed can be discussed on case by case basis.**