Q:  Do I have to Be Pregnant to receive services from Quiet Waters Maternity Spa & Wellness Center, PLLC? 

A:  No, you need to be a Mom. QWMS is a Specialized Maternal Wellness Center, therefore All Mothers of any age are Welcome to receive services. If you are a Mom no longer conceiving, we offer Paid Memberships for services. If no membership on file and a Mom, Services are Provided at the Non-Membership price.

Q:  What services are offered?

A:  Pre/Post Natal Care, Midwifery care, Women’s Annual Services, Doula Services,  Massage Therapies, Skin/Waxing Treatments, Women’s Health Classes, Pre/Post-Natal Classes, Manicures/Pedicures, Make up Services, Mobile Services, Life Coaching for Individual, Couples & Group, Retail Products, Memberships, Gift Cards & Packages for Sale.

Q:  Which services are Only for Pregnant women?

A:  Midwifery & Doula services, Pre-Natal Massage & Pre/Post-Natal Care.  All services are Tailored for Relieving Ailments & Symptoms related to Pregnancy.

Q:  Which services are for All Mom’s?

A:  All Services Except, Midwifery & Doula services, Pre-Natal Massage & Pre/Post-Natal Care. All services are Rejuvenating and Therapeutic for Maternal and Menopausal Woman.

Q:  What is the Best Type of Massage to Schedule? 

A: Please see our Benefits page.

Q: Why does QWMS, PLLC not use a "Pregnancy Massage Table" (the table with cut-out holes) or the Pregnancy cushions during massage?

A: At QWMS, PLLC our Therapists perform a Prone Semi-Upright & Left Sideline Positions to Eliminate Stress & Strain from Uterine Ligaments, Abdominal & Back Muscles. These positions also Keeps your Uterus off your Liver & Ensures proper Blood Flow to your Heart during the Massage. Client's & Baby's Safety cannot be Guaranteed when using the Pregnancy Cushions & "Pregnancy" Massage Table

Q:  What is the Best Type of Facial to Schedule?

A: Please see our Benefits page.

Q:  Which Products will Work Best for My Skin?

A:  After your Initial Facial Consultation, your Aesthetician will provide you with a Detailed Analysis of your skin's condition & Recommend a Specific Facial Treatment.  Then both of you can decide on which Products from your Facial should be Purchased for Use at Home. 

Q:  Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

A:  All Major Credit/Debit cards, Care Credit, Cash, TriWest & AHCCCS. All Appointments/Classes/Counseling must be confirmed and pre-paid with a Valid Credit/Debit card, Membership or another form of payment, i.e Groupon.

Q:  Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

A:  Yes.  If Cancellation/Rescheduling occurs within 24 Hours of Your Appointment a $35 Cancellation Fee for In-Office or a $45 Cancellation Fee for Mobile Services will apply. No Show will receive No Refund. No Show means No Call/No Show for scheduled appointment -or- Cancellation/Reschedule within 24 Hours of  scheduled Appointment.

Q: What are the Office Hours?

A:  Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 8pm, Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday 11pm – 5pm, Sunday Reserved for Classes and Counseling 11am - 5pm.

Q:  Where is the Office Located?

A:  3431 W. Frye Road Suite 4-115, Chandler, AZ 85226; Between Chandler Village Dr. & Price Rd.

Q:  What are the Mobile Service Hours?

A:  Based on Service. Look Out for QWMS Mobile Pop-up Events.

Q:  Which cities are Mobile Services Provided?

A: Any Town or City Located 30 Miles Outside of our Office Location. Mobile Services are reserved for Pregnant, recently Postpartum, Disabled or Bedrest clients/patients. QWMS will provide Mobile Services within 30 Miles if you are on Bedrest or Disabled.

Q:  Faith-Based Policy

A:   Our organization reserves the right to conduct business accordingly to practices and beliefs pursuant to staff. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Q:  Don't see your question listed? 

A:   Please Call our Office at 480.572.1224 or Email at appointments@qwmspllc.com