Healthcare Plan, Products and Specials

Healthcare Plans

$100 per Month  - Receive one Monthly Healthcare or Therapeutic Spa service with all Health classes included. Receive 50% off additional appointments and services and 25% off Packages. Requires Auto-pay. **Special rates for 6-month and Annual payments**

Health Products

Juice Plus (Whole Food Supplement) | $52-$208 

Juice Plus Tower Garden (with Indoor Light System) | $85 for 12 Months or $1020 

Juice Plus Tower Garden (Outdoor) | $56 for 12 Months or $670

Skincare at Home Kits | $45 -$265 

Gift Certificates | $10 - $200 


All Discounts Require Proof of ID: Military, Teachers/Librarians, 1st Responders and Specific Store Employees and Referral Discounts Available. (Discretion Solely Up to Our Staff)

**$220 total savings for 6-month payment plan and $400 total savings for Annual payment plan**