Congratulations for being a Mom, the Toughest Job on the Planet!! We look forward to meeting you. Our services are provided for Mom, Infant and Dad*. **Please inform our staff if you are Currently Pregnant, Breastfeeding or bringing your child with you**. 

Find Specific Services by using the drop down page menu, continue scrolling on this page or click on these individual links. Healthcare Health & Wellness Classes Therapeutic Spa Mobile Services Spiritual Services Membership & More Schedule Now. 

*There are specific Naturopathic and Therapeutic Spa services for Dad. Mom must have an appointment schedule on the same day.* All pricing listed is Starting Pricing and based on Individual needs especially Mental Health services

**Failure to provide this information may result in a Same-Day Cancellation and Rescheduling with a $25 Same-Day Cancellation fee due to Contraindications.**

**Insurance Accepted if Applicable**


$100 per Month  - One Monthly Healthcare or Therapeutic Spa service and Health Class. Receive 50% off additional services and 25% off Packages. *We have a 6-Month and Annual rate also*

Health Products

Juice Plus (Whole Food Supplement) | $52 - $208

Skincare at Home Kits | $25 - $265 

Gift Certificates | $10 - $200 


All Discounts Require Proof of ID: Military, Teachers/Librarians, 1st Responders, City/State Officials and Specific Store Employees. Referral Discounts Available. 

**Discretion Solely Up to Our Staff**

Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture Consultation | $150+

Acupuncture | $75+ 

AcuFacial | $100+

Cupping | $75+ 

Chronic Pain Assessment & Relief | $150+

Gemstone Therapy | $75+ 

Gua Sha Therapy | $75+

Maternal Women's Health | $100+

Naturopathic 30 Minute Meet & Greet | Complementary  

Naturopathic Assessment 1-Hour | $125+ 

Newborn Health | $95+

Pediatric Health | $100+

Physical Adjustments | $100+ 

Reiki Therapy | $90+

Tui Na | $60+ 

Vitamin Injection Therapy | $70+

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Pregnancy Test (Dip) | Complementary

Pregnancy Test (Lab) | $30+

Blood Test | $45+ 

Maternal Women's Health | $100+

1 Hour Consultation | Complementary

1 Hour Consultation + Preliminary Checkup | $35 

Postpartum Package | $500+

Prenatal Care/Delivery/Postpartum/Infant Care Package | $10,500+ 

Doula Services, Childbirth Education and Training

Doula Consultation | $35+ 

Doula Packages | $500+ 

Childbirth Education and Training | $35+ per Class

Infant Massage Training | $40 per Session

Mental Health 

Grief Counseling (Multiple Modalities)

Life Coaching  

Mood Disorders (Depression, Stress Anxiety, etc.)

MST (Military Sexual Trauma) Therapy 

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Therapy

Teen Counseling/Coaching

**All Mental Health Services require Initial Evaluation with NMD provider**

Education Classes

Individual Attendee | $20-$35 Depends on Class

Group - Teen Health or Skincare  (4 to 8) | $15 per Attendee

Dou-Bro'z : Him, Her and Baby | $35 -Individual / $60 - Mom & Dad per class

Group - Female, Pre-Natal, Postpartum Health (4 to 8) | $70-$135

Group - Physical Health (4 to 8) | $75-$150

Medical and Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapies | $55+ (Safe During Pregnancy) 60-90 Minutes


Labor Induction (Provider Approval Required)

Mommy & Me Swedish


Reflexology - Feet/Hands (30-Minutes $35)

Swedish Therapeutic

Couples Therapeutic

**Massage Therapies** | $65+ (Safe After Pregnancy) 45-90 Minutes

Deep Therapeutic

Gua Sha 

Hot Stone 

Hydrotherapy (Body Scrub/Detox with Swedish Massage)


Myofascial Release

Reflexology - Body



Trigger Point 

Tui Na

**Services Available for Women not Pregnant**

Aesthetics (Skincare) 

Hair Removal | $10+

Facial Consultation (Skin Analysis) - 30 Minute | $25

Facials | $40+

Element Peels | $45+ 

Micro-Dermabrasion | $55+ 

Dermaplaning | $55+

Salt/Sugar Body Scrub | $65+ 

Facial Add-on's | $10+

Body Add-on's | $15+

***Post-Partum Only***  

Acu-Facial | $75.00+ Gua Sha Facial

Detoxifying Body Wrap | $75+

Micro-Current | $65+ 

Infra Red Light | $60+

Paraffin Wax Treatment | $35+

RF Matrix Dot | $65+ 

Spa Packages | $150+ (3 Month Expiration)

Includes your pick of 3 services : Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Skincare, Manicure, Pedicure, Body Wrap or Body Scrub

Mobile Services

**Mobile Naturopathic, Prenatal/Postpartum and Therapeutic Spa Services are Reserved for those 35+weeks Gestation, Up to 6 week Postpartum, Women who live 30+ Miles from the Wellness Center and Disabled or Bedridden Moms**

Naturopathic Medicine

Acupuncture Consultation | $150+

Acupuncture | $75+ 

AcuFacial | $100+

Cupping | $75+ 

Newborn Health | $95+

Pediatric Health | $100+

Physical Adjustments | $100+ 

Reiki Therapy | $90+

Tui Na | $60+ 

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Pregnancy Test (Dip) | Complementary

Pregnancy Test (Lab) | $30+

Blood Test | $45+ 

Maternal Women's Health | $100+ 

Postpartum Package $700+

Massage Therapies ~

Reflexology Feet - $45+ 

Reflexology Body - $80

Cranio-Sacral - $60+

Swedish - $80+

Pre-Natal - $85+

Lymphatic - $80+

Trigger Point - $100+ 

Postpartum Recovery Package $450+

Aesthetics ~

Facials - $60+

Element Peels - $70+

Micro-Dermabrasion - $75+

Hair Removal $25+

***Post-Partum Only*** 

Micro-Current | $65+ 

Infra Red Light | $70+

RF Matrix Dot | $75+ 

Host, Celebrate & Relax with Us!

**Baby Shower, Birthdays, Bridal Party, Moms Night** 

4 Hours of Service, 10 Women Max (including Host) $600

Services Included: Each Female Guest Receives One 20 Minute Session for a Facial, Chair Massage, Makeover, Manicure or Pedicure. 

Host will Receive Full Package Service 90 Minutes Prior to Event

~Event Held at Quiet Waters or We Come to You~

RSVP TO: Quiet Waters Maternity Spa & Wellness Center, PLLC

480.572.1224 | Office

480.444.6568 | Mobile Service

Spiritual Services

Wedding Officiant

Want to get Married?! We want to help you join Love, Respect, Honesty and Honor between two souls who are ready to commit to each other. Want more than a Wedding Officiant, how about a Quiet Waters Wedding package? Great News! Our Planning, Catering, DJ, Venue and Wedding Party Dedication team has you Covered! There is no set price point, all Ceremony costs are based per request(s). "Get to know you Both" session Required before we commit to providing/hosting Wedding Ceremonies. 

Quiet Waters Spiritual Wellness

Join Fellow Quiet Waters Families as we discuss Spiritual Values, Beliefs and Practices.  Learn about different levels of Spirituality and Faith: Where you are and where you want to be as an individual, as a family. How Spirituality helps clarify Life, Social Development and your Moral Compass.

Vet Connect: Military Ministry - Chandler

Join Fellow Military Members, their Families and Dependents to meet and address Military Life before, during and after Active Duty. Connect to share (or not) experiences, family friendly upcoming events, service projects, community resources and clubs, youth programs and volunteer opportunities. Discussions include: Spiritual Resiliency, War Era effects, Understanding Military Culture, Relationships, Life Goals and Values, Suicide Prevention, Integration into civilian life, Mental Health and Jobs/Careers and Hobbies. 

Hosted by US Navy Veteran, AS2 (AW) Kiamesha Guy, Co-Founder of QW-Global Maternal Wellness, 501c3 Veteran Nonprofit Organization and Lt. Col. Kathy Gallowitz Founder of Vanguard Veteran and Author of "Beyond Thank You for Your Service", and Fellow Veteran Community members. 

**All Meetings and Ceremonies are Nondenominational. Any specific Traditions or Religious practices needed can be discussed on case by case basis.**